Santa Baby, I Want A Yacht… 2024 New Charters For Holiday Season

“Santa baby, I want a yacht… And really that’s not a lot…Been an angel all year

Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight” I know this tune is ringing in your ears… It’s time to make your “santa baby” dreams come true for a holiday at sea! If you're in search of the ultimate gift and getaway, we’ve got you covered with some of the latest yachts on the market for charter! We are proud to introduce these three exceptional beauties for you to swoon over and (to stuff that stocking with a charter experience!) Check out the RIVA 130' BELLISSIMA, ALPHA WAVES, and the awe-inspiring THIS IS IT, the largest motor catamaran on the market below! 


RIVA 130' BELLISSIMA: A Symphony of Elegance

  • Prepare to be captivated by the timeless beauty and sophistication of the RIVA 130' BELLISSIMA. This Italian masterpiece boasts sleek lines, state-of-the-art technology, and a design that seamlessly merges classic style with modern luxury. She is known for a magnificent fusion of fine design, naval engineering, expert craftsmanship and high technology. Accommodating up to 10 guests, the RIVA 130’ BELLISSIMA offers an extremely spacious interior, along with beautiful furnishings inside and out. Turn heads on the water with her Carbon Fiber accents while you indulge in the yacht's exquisite cuisine prepared by a top-notch chef. With an experienced crew catering to your every need, the RIVA 130' BELLISSIMA promises an unparalleled yachting experience in the Mediterranean.

133' ALPHA WAVES: Where Luxury Meets Adventure


  • For those seeking a perfect blend of luxury and adventure, the 133' ALPHA WAVES is the ideal choice. This high-performance yacht features a sleek design, impressive speed, and an array of water toys for thrill-seekers. Picture yourself cruising through crystal-clear waters, anchored in secluded bays, and exploring hidden coves. ALPHA WAVES accommodates up to 12 guests, providing a spacious and comfortable haven for all family members, including top-of-the-line accessories like an elevator for seamless access from her main salon all the way to her sundeck. The best part? She is completely wheel-chair accessible! With an onboard chef crafting gourmet delights and a crew dedicated to your every whim, the 133' ALPHA WAVES promises an unforgettable experience all around. Book her for Monoco 

THIS IS IT: Unleash the Majesty of the Largest Motor Catamaran

  • Prepare to be amazed by the sheer grandeur of THIS IS IT, the largest motor catamaran in existence. With a length of 150 feet, this yacht redefines luxury and space on the water. THIS IS IT accommodates up to 12 guests in unparalleled comfort, featuring expansive living areas, a panoramic sky lounge, and a master suite with breathtaking views. The catamaran design ensures stability and smooth sailing, creating a tranquil environment for relaxation. Indulge in the infinity pool, savor world-class cuisine, and enjoy the company of friends and family in the lap of luxury. THIS IS IT is not just a yacht; it's a floating palace that promises an extraordinary journey into opulence.


Embark on a journey of luxury and indulgence this winter season with All Yachts Worldwide where RIVA 130 BELLISSIMA, ALPHA WAVES, and THIS IS IT await to fulfill your every holiday wish. Whether you seek endless relaxation, adventurous thrills, or the epitome of elegance, these yachts are your ticket to an unforgettable holiday at sea. Book your voyage today and set sail into a world where opulence knows no bounds.