Thanksgiving is falling upon us giving all of us an ideal time to sit down with the family and friends and plan your next SUMMER VACATION! Go on a wildlife excursion and charter a yacht in ALASKA. Cruising in the Pacific Northwest offers some amazing opportunities to see humpback whales breaching in the sea, hike to natural hot springs and fishing.  Imagine breathing in the fresh crisp air of the Northwest as you sit on the bow of the yacht and take in the beauty surrounding you. Tranquillity is only a few months away!

We have some great charter yachts and we have some great options for you! We would recommend a 7 or 10-day itinerary charter starting in the historic capital city Juneau of Alaska. Cruising in the areas along the way offer fishing, kayaking, wildlife sightings, helicopter tours, whichever you prefer!

A 7-day itinerary might look like this:

Day 1: Join the yacht in Juneau and disembark from the active fishing port. Head North and continue around the islands.

Day 2: Explore the village of Noonah and relax in the secluded surroundings of Takatz Bay.

Day 3: The captain can anchor the yacht out below some gorgeous waterfalls and then head to see the Hidden Falls Salmon hatchery. Watch the thousands of salmon come in from the sea. Take a hike to the natural hot springs. Enjoy Stargazing from the top deck.

Day 4: Experience some sport fishing for salmon and halibut. Explore the south end of Admiralty Island.

Day 5: Watch for the wonderful Humpback whales as you cross Frederick Sound. On the transit to Seymour Canal you may spot some brown bears feeding on the Salmon. Explore by kayak as the sunsets over the mountains.

Day 6: Enjoy the breathtaking icebergs at the mouth of Holkham Bay.

Day 7: Take the tender out to get a closer look at the massive icebergs and the surrounding wildlife.

We have several yachts that offer charters in Alaska, a few of our favourites include:

Talos, 122 ft. This gorgeous yacht sleeps 8 and offers an enclosed or alfresco flybridge to spy on on bears and other wildlife. The yacht is equipped with fishing gear and kayaks.

Serengeti, (previously owned by Johnny Carson), 130ft, sleeps 10. Fully rigged for fishing and kayaks available. Crew has spent several seasons cruising Alaska.

Ocean Pearl, 115 ft., sleeps up to 11. Fun yacht with an excellent crew and custom built for Alaska cruising. Kayaks available.

We have additional selections on our website so please feel free to call or email us for other options!

Alaska, New England, Bahamas, Mediterranean, and beyond!  Wherever you choose to go this summer, think of All Yachts Worldwide so we can help you plan the perfect vacation!