What To See And Do in Tahiti

With Labor Day quickly approaching, it’s time to get your vacation booked now for your tropical paradise! One of our top picks? Tahiti! Tahiti is the largest island in French Polynesia, the South Pacific archipelago. Known for black-sand, white and pink sand beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, and two extinct volcanoes, Tahiti is a popular yachting destination for tropical getaways. Did you know? French Polynesia has been a sanctuary for whales and dolphins since 2002. Below are some other great highlights to see and do in Tahiti.

  1. Faarumai Waterfall - a destination for a short and easy picturesque hike that leads to three large waterfalls located in the dense rainforest. 
  2. Papeete Market - a local market selling fruit vegetables, fish, oils, and various souvenirs. Vendors also sell local textiles and handmade items like straw hats and shell necklaces.
  3. Taharuu Beach - Love to surf? This is the place to catch those beautiful clean waves. Beware the surf may be rough for inexperienced swimmers, but it’s also known for it’s black sand beach making it a great spot to relax under the palm trees for a picnic. 
  4. Water Gardens Vaipahi - Visit this immaculate public park to photograph over 75  different species of plants that surround the water features of this beautiful botanical garden that stretches over 2.5 acres. A trail throughout the gardens describes the story of the gods and goddesses of the region along with descriptions about the various plant and animal life throughout. 
  5. Tahiti Lagoon- Meet humpback whales, turtles, dolphins, tropical fish, and corals either underwater snorkeling or by boat in French Polynesian paradise. 

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