Memory Lane: Sailing SILOLONA

Until you are ready to travel, we will relive some fond memories from past adventures. The new ones will be waiting for you. So, dream big! This is the first of a blog series down memory lane. 

In this feature, we present you cruising in Thailand onboard SILOLONA. "She looked just as I had imagined, and was truly the queen of the sea. She has a powerful presence floating amongst the  waves with the golden rays of the sunset painted on her profile." Explained Karen Kelly, president of All Yachts Worldwide. "It was a truly magical experience on SILOLONA.” This is not just a luxury sailing yacht, it's a lifestyle...

Each cabin is creatively named and has a unique theme throughout. “The one I sojourned ‘Java Cabin Suite’, offers the charm of Java with its cool and comfortable decor and the scent of coffee wood complemented in rich colors of Javanese batik.” The rooms are equipped with a double bed and single bed or couch, a vanity and desk along with a full-hanging closet and ample drawers. All rooms are ensuite with a toilet, sink and shower complete with fresh handmade island soaps and shampoos, a hairdryer, thick lush linens all changed daily. Click Here to view the experience written by Karen Kelly president of All Yachts Worldwide and featured in Luxury Yachts Of The World. Click on the link to see personal photos taken by Karen during her cruise. See the crew in action hoisting the sails, experience first-hand a beach barbecue set up by the crew. 

Read the legend below to see how SILOLONA got her name. 

The Legend of Silolona 

Long ago when the earth was still young, the gallant and  fearless Atuf fell in love with the most beautiful woman in all  Tanimbar. Not only Silolona’s beauty but her inner strength  and skill in weaving and basketry made her the ideal wife for  the strapping handsome Atuf. In the time of the ancestors the  sun was too close to the earth. Life was so harsh that Silolona died in the full flower of her youth. Atuf deeply mourned her  death yet vowed to make the world a safer place for all his  people. Inspired by Silolona’s spirit, he conceived a bold and  daring plan to build a boat capable of sailing towards the sun. When the boat was launched Atuf’s pure and powerful voice called forth the spirit of his beloved wife to join him on  his dangerous journey. Atuf gave the name Silolona to his  magnificent new boat. After a long and arduous voyage under  the blazing heat the monstrous sun Atuf once again called fourth the spirit of Silolona. With renewed strength Atuf then  hurled his magical spear shattering the sun and creating all  the stars and constellations. The world became a safer place  for all mankind.

Feel the warmth of the free and their love of the sea. Can you imagine having your own personal masseuse on a deserted island in the situated amongst pure tropical paradise? Now you can. Learn various ways to tie a sarong, wear as a dress or casual as a skirt. Meet the local fishermen and women selling the fresh catch of the day to the chef onboard. Experience the lifestyle and unique cultures that Thailand has to offer. SILOLONA will be waiting for you when you are ready. Tune in next month for another addition to our series down "memory lane", sharing personal experiences from our founder, Karen Kelly.