Alaska Yacht Charters

Alaska is a nature lover's paradise.

Alaska is an opportunity to experience nature with virtually no sign of civilization. Beautiful snow capped mountain panoramas surrounding you with remote coastline dolled with over 1000 islands. Dramatic glacial waterfalls abound among the Fjords with huge glaciers curving down through the mountains to the sea.

Rugged and remote, it provides an increasingly rare look at the beauty of unspoiled wilderness. You can watch whales perform for you right next to your yacht.

Ketchikan to Juneau Itinerary Sample

Day 1:  Cruise to and visit the tiny fishing Village of Myer's Chuck.
Day 2:  Cruise to Anan Creek and fish for halibut and trap crabs. See the bears fishing for salmon.
Day 3:  Cruise Zimovia Strait and see the fishing town of Petersburg
Day 4:  Head into Frederick  Sound to see the whales frolicking, Anchor at the ghost town of Fanshaw
Day 5:  Spend the day on the nearby islands exploring and fishing, Anchor in Pleasant Bay
Day 6:  A dramatic day through Holkam Bay and the fjords, countless waterfalls, and blue icebergs
Day 7:  After lunch, depart for Juneau

Sitka to Juneau Itinerary Sample

Day 1:  Visit Sitka before departing, Cruise up to Chichigoff Island and see the Sea otters and puffins
Day 2:  Explore Ogden Passage by sea kayak, stopping for a soak at White Sulfur Hot Springs. Moor at Pelican
Day 3:  Visit Elfin Cove and Explore the Village. Cruise through Inian Islands.
Day 4:  Cruise to Point Adolphus. Watch the whales surround your yacht.
Day 5:  Explore Chatham Strait. Fish the trophy streams of Sitkon Bay. Anchor below a hanging glacier in the bay.
Day 6:  See the sea lions in Frederick Sound. Hopefully see the resident pod of orcas.
Day 7:  Weave through the Icebergs to see black bears and mountain goats at the Tracy Arm National  Wilderness Area